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BB worked for strengthening of democracy: Dr. Fehmida Mirza

The DailyTimes dated December 27, 2011

ISLAMABAD: Shaheed Benazir Bhutto (BB) was a visionary leader and a stateswoman, said National Assembly (NA) Speaker Dr Fehmida Mirza on Monday in her message on 4th death anniversary of BB being observed today (Tuesday).

She said BB believed in supremacy of parliament and always worked for strengthening the democratic institutions and promotion of democratic norms in the country.

She fought for the downtrodden and oppressed and longed for a forward-looking Pakistan where women were not subjected to humiliation, torture and treated with respect as equal partners to progress and prosperity, she added.

The NA speaker said BB had a towering and multi-dimensional personality and was bacon of light for the marginalized segments of the society.

BB had the courage to challenge the worst dictatorship of the times when compared with other contemporary politicians. She had to pass through the whirlpool of vendetta by repressive regime in shape of brutal assassination of her father Quaid-e-Awam Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, the murders of her two brothers, the hardships of her mother, her own and her husbandís imprisonments, physical and mental torture, nevertheless, she bravely faced whatever came in her way, continued to challenge dictatorships and remained steadfast in her commitment to the people and democracy, Dr Mirza maintained.

She said the challenges confronted to the nation at present could be resolved with joint efforts. People of all the provinces had their confidence in BB and whenever the nation was given a relatively free chance to choose, her political party returned successful from all the four federating units, she said, adding, Pakistan witnessed a phenomenal development in all sectors of economy and made the country impregnable during her both her tenures as prime minister.

BB worked diligently as twice-elected prime minister towards the well-defined goals of women empowerment.

She brought women to the main-stream by appointing them as judges of the superior courts, opened first women bank, ensured state protection for women by coming up with the idea of separate women police stations, dedicated funds and schemes in shape of women health workers to bring sea-change in plight of misery and disease stricken women and last but surely least, encouraged women at every tier of political hierarchy, Dr Mirza maintained.

The speaker said BB strongly believed in reconciliation and forbearance and was always forgiving and tried to look for similarities rather than to seek difference and believed in building bridges and not living in isolation, both on the international level as well as on the national front.

She called upon all the political forces to rise above party lines to work for the democracy and rebuild Pakistan as BB dreamed and worked for.

She termed it the befitting way of paying homage and remembrance of BB, the daughter of the East and the visionary of our times. May Allah rest the soul of Shaheed BB in eternal peace (Ameen), she prayed.






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