Bilawal Bhutto Zardari approves office-bearers for PPP KPK affiliated Wings

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Islamabad, January 11: Chairman Pakistan Peoples Party Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has approved following Provincial office-bearers for different wings of the Party in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa with immediate effect.
 Peoples Labour Bureau (KPK)
1.     President                                M.Aslam Adil
2.     General Secretary                Baz Muhamad Khan
3.     Information Secretary        Lal Badshah
Peoples Doctor Forum (KPK) 
1.     President                                Dr. Nisar Khan
2.     General Secretary                Dr.Dawood Khan
3.     Information Secretary        Dr. Faheem Khan
Peoples Minority Wing (KPK) 
1.     President                                Naseeb Chand
2.     General Secretary                Yasir Bhatti
3.     Information Secretary         Arif Masih
 Peoples Cultural Wing (KPK) 
1.     President                                Khwaja Yawar Naseer
2.     General Secretary                Tahir Abbas
3.     Information Secretary         Mansoor Zafar
Peoples Youth Organization (KPK) 
1.     President                                Malik Amjad
2.     General Secretary                 Sami Khan
3.   Information Secretary            Hanif Khan
Peoples Student Federation (KPK) 
1.     President                                Rashid Afridi
2.     General Secretary                Riaz Yousafzai
3.     Information Secretary         Inamullah Dawoodzai
Notifications in this regard have been issued from the Chairman’s Secretariat by his Political Secretary Jameel Soomro.