‘Daren’t say a word against PPP’


KARACHI: Provincial Minister for Transport, Syed Nasir Hussain Shah on Sunday strongly criticized Abid Sher Ali for leveling allegations against Pakistan Peoples Party.

NAB not only arrested Chaudhery Sher Ali over charges of corruption cases, but he was also arrested in case of allotments of Police Foundation’s land in Islamabad with nepotism distribution.

He further said that the corruption was in the blood of Abid Shair Ali’s family and he was the relative of Nawaz Sharif and that is why he is a minister of an important ministry otherwise he is not capable.

He alleged that objective of recent Sindh visit of Abid Shar Ali was to collect commission from WAPDA contractors and he was getting the commission from those contractors like extortion.

He said that Abid Sher must answer the people as he had claimed to reduce the load shedding and power tariff before the 2013 and that is why the textile exports shrank from Rs 25 billion to 18 billion.

He said that Abid Sher Ali before leveling baseless allegations against PPP must watch himself and notice his family’s past.  While talking to the media person, Shah said that there was 18 hours load shedding in Sindh on daily basis.