PPP demands new PM, not polls


ISLAMABAD: Opposition Leader in the National Assembly (NA) Syed Khursheed Shah on Thursday once again demanded the resignation of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif saying that Nawaz has lost legitimacy to remain as the Prime Minister and should bring someone else from his party to save the democratic system so that the assemblies could complete their constitutional tenure.

“Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has lost his moral authority to rule Pakistan and it’s better that he steps down to for continuation of the democratic system as with his resignation, the parliament and democracy would be strengthened,” he said while addressing a press conference here on Thursday at the Zardari House along with Vice President PPP Parliamentarians Senator Sherry Rehman.

Shah did not agree with the demand of PTI for new general elections in addition to resignation of the Prime Minister saying that that PPP wanted that the assemblies complete their constitutional tenure but the Prime Minister should step down.

He said it was shameful of the federal cabinet to discuss the prime minister’s resignation. Shah said during the Dharna days in 2014, he himself stopped the Prime Minister from resigning when the Prime Minister was worried about the dharna and had said, “Enough is enough. I am ready to resign.”

He said he had warned the Prime Minister that there were snakes around him and these snakes have brought Nawaz at this stage. He said the PPP has been facing allegations of friendly opposition since 2014.

He said Nawaz maligned the state institutions and now he wants to lock horns with the judiciary once again. He said the PPP stands by the national institutions while the incumbent leadership of the PML-N has caused an irreparable loss to institutions. He said the PML-N had attacked the Supreme Court in the past. “The PPP is standing with the state institutions,” he said.

He said Nawaz did not give sacrifice for democracy and he did not have knowledge of sacrifices. “Nawaz Sharif’s party was weak in 1999 as some of its members had changed their loyalties,” he said.

The opposition leader said that no one can say that his party pressurised the joint investigation team (JIT).He questioned from the government to tell what they had done in the last four years as farmers were on the roads, and unemployment had increased.

He said it was matter of shame that the prime minister of the country got work visa. He claimed that the government’s allied parties were also not happy with the PML-N’s attitude except Maulana Fazalur Rehman.

In a reply to a question with regard to Senator Rehman Malik’s claim that he went to the JIT with the party permission, he said the party did not ask anything about his appearance as he was summoned on his personal capacity.

Asked whether the PPP would also come on the roads as the PTI hinted, he said if the PTI wanted to come on the roads, then their leader should lead them in street. “We will also be on the forefront of the protest,” he said. TheNews